Reel audios that you need to use for Instagram right now!

Trending audio for reel

Reel audios that you need to use for Instagram right now! 

If you use a smartphone and have a social media account, you already know what instagram reels are. But if you are a creator, you must have also paid attention to the trending audios in these reels. As a creator, it sometimes becomes necessary to jump on trends to get that engagement you require. For this, you must’ve searched for trending audios that everyone is using at the moment. Well, we end this search for you. We’ve got the most trending audios right here. But first, let’s understand why you need these instagram reel audios anyway. 

Firstly, using trending audios to make instagram reels can help you increase your engagement. Reels are short and catchy and can grasp the attention of your audience quite easily. 

Secondly, they expand your reach. With so many people using and searching for the same audio, chances are that they’ll end up at your reel too. 

And lastly, it can get you to the explore page. Because you jump on something viral, instagram will automatically puch your content more and that can land you on the explore page easily. 

Now, let’s see which reel audios are domination instagram right now!

  1. “As it was” by Harry Styles 

Harry styles has just released his single and people are falling head over heels for it. It’s catchy, it has a beat and you can use it on literally everything. Besides, everyone already love Harry Styles, so it only feels right to jump on this audio!

  1. My money don’t jiggle jiggle 

This small audio is shaking the world of social media right now. It started with a small rap during an interview that was turned into a rap song using autotune and a sick beat and the rest is history. Everyone on instagram is using it. Although you can use it for anything (like brands have been using it to spread more information about themselves), there are a set of steps that people are loving to perform. You can find them anywhere with the audio on instagram. 

  1. Jhoom by Ali Zafar

Stats say that people have some mixed thoughts about this one but there’s no denying the fact that this is literally one of the most trending instagram reel audios right now. Ali Zafar’s song “Jhoom” has been with us since years and it is only being recognised now. You can use it over anything of your choice that fits. Let’s keep bringing back good music!

  1.  Tigini 

It’s not about the lyrics. There are 99% chances that people don’t understand what this song is about but the catchy beat is all you need. People are using this audio to recreate a popular scene from any bollywood movie or TV show that resembles real life situations. They do this by dressing up as the famous character from the scene of their choice. It’s an interesting trend and one we would love to rewatch. 10/10 to the person who started this! 

  1. Sarod Theme- Piku 

No words for this one. It’s peaceful, imaginative, musical and catchy. You can use it for just the right amount of aesthetics that you need for your instagram profile. Not only is it perfect for that, but also it also gives you a sense of serenity. This beautiful tune surely represents a lot of Indian music and something every influencer can be proud of. 

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