End-to-end influencer marketing services tailored for your brand. Forget the old way of doing things and join us for a data-driven approach designed to propel your campaigns to new highs.

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How it works

CelebFarm offers comprehensive services to take your campaign from ideation to execution with the help of innovative technology


Campaign Strategy

We develop custom campaign strategies based on the brand, product, and target audience.


Discover & Recruit Creators

We match each campaign with ideal creators and handle recruitment and negotiations.


Analyse & Optimise

Using detailed campaign reports, we analyse creator performance and optimise the campaign for better results.

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Join a booming creator community

Collab with your dream brands while enjoying secure and guaranteed payments.

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Power up your brand's reach

CelebFarm takes care of your brand’s influencer marketing needs, from end to end. Get the most out of your budget and watch your brand grow.


Creator Management

We handle creator recruitment, negotiations, and make payments.


Powered by Data

From detecting fake followers and providing accurate KPIs, our tech-based approach covers it all.


Brand-Creator Compatibility

We’re sure to find creators with the most compatible audience for your brand.


Reports that matter

View your real ROI with handpicked KPIs chosen according to your campaign objective.

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Collaboration Platform

Collaborate Smarter and Faster

The future of collaboration is data-driven, as are we. Our machine learning algorithms perfectly match brands with their ideal creators. Creating and executing a campaign is completely intuitive, managed with just a few clicks. And without a middleman, approvals and feedbacks are lightening fast!

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can my brand benefit from influencer marketing?

Influencer marketing delivers 11x more ROI than paid ads and is more affordable in comparison to celebrity endorsements. It is the best way to increase brand awareness and generate sales, especially on a budget.

I am a creator. How can I start working with brands?

Join the CelebFarm creator community by filling up the registration form. We will verify your profile suggest brand collaborations according to your niche and audience.

Why should I choose CelebFarm?

In the fast-paced world of marketing, our approach is driven by technology and data. Our team is up-to-date with trends and ever-changing algorithms, giving us an edge.

What’s the difference between a paid and barter campaign?

In a barter campaign, the creator is compensated for their content creation with free product. In a paid campaign, creators receive monetary payment in exchange for collaboration.

How can I qualify for brand collaborations?

We work with creators from all niches. There is no minimum follower number to qualify; you only need to have an authentic following and share genuine content.

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